9 Compelling Reasons to Choose Us

We were once like you. We used other virtual office operators and they did 2 really nasty things to us.

  1. Kept increasing price
  2. Moved every few years.

As a struggling business owner, we already had our hands full. Manpower, Money, Clients and competitions are already enough problems to juggle with. To have a virtual office operator make it worse for you do you really need that?

We had to change our name cards , inform banks and clients. There was also the problem that letters sent to the old location where we could not retrieve.

So in 2006, with sufficient capital saved and being completely frustrated we dove head in and bought our first Office and converted it to our first virtual office.

Today we have 3 locations and on the growth path to get more. We have gone on to do other businesses as well.

Here is our quick take on the starting out. If you want to really grow your must grow roots first. Find a Virtual Office operator that has the staying power to be there with you through thick and thin, not someone who makes empty promises and lots of games, prizes and nonsense, all of which you can do later when you really get big.

You are First

How many Virtual Office Operators dare boast that they know anything about your mail? The history of mail collection, the numbers that are to be collected, the details and sender of the mail? WE CAN.

You can also track that mail 24X7 if it is an urgent cheque that has been sitting with us

We dare say we are the only company that invests heavily in the technology so that we can ensure accurate and timely information about your mail and services with us, all because it is important to you!

We’ve been around for 10 years

While we are not as big as some virtual office operators, we been around for 10 years. We have the staying power to stay a location due to a few reason.

  1. We own the place if not its a long term rental contract or partner in the company
  2. Prudence in Financial Management. We will not splurge on a new location and doing that, so you are working with a company that has over 3 million dollars now Asset under management. This is not something most operators dare to tell you. They have renovation and furniture, which will depreciate till zero, we have property that will be around.

Back by 7 day money back Guarantee

If you can find another Virtual Office provider that is able to make it cheaper for you at a continuous rate and with the same level of service, location and integrity, we would match his price provided the price quoted is not on offer.

We are really experienced business owners

As we are really an infant in this business, many clients have questioned us if we will uproot and move should we find this not worth our time. We don’t believe in running, we believe that fixing a problem is more important. That was how we grew our other 4 businesses. We stood steadfast and grew the company in good and bad times.

We bought our office. This location is dedicated for the use of Virtual Office. We had to forgo the workstations because we have expanded and require the space for ourselves. We have also gone into the Serviced Office Business which to date we run over 5900 sq feet of office space. Some are rented but we bought some too. The is the level of commitment Smart Virtual Office has we want to stay around for a long long time. that is how serious we are about the business.

Essential Services Value Chain

Time and money is the two most essential yet scarce commodity of entrepreneurs. You need time to do everything and need money to support these ideas. If I read you all correctly, you have one or both lacking. You are always busy putting out fires or worrying about cash capital.

Through value chain creation, we can help you save both time and money.

  • You will be able to quickly select necessary products and services to aid in your ventures.
  • By bundling, you pay less for the products combined

Value Packed Virtual Office

We are the most value packed Virtual Office anywhere in the world. No one else can give away this much for free. We cannot keep giving it away for free. At least, we gave you free for the full year. Check if others can as well.

  • Free Shared Web Hosting for the first year worth RM 499
  • Free Web Design Tool worth RM 400
  • Free Web Consultation worth RM 400
  • Free Online Business Coaching worth RM 688

Purchase instead of rent

We are the first and probably the ONLY Virtual Office Provider who has decided to purchase our unit/s instead of renting them. We are able to do this because of strong financial backing from the other ventures. By purchasing, we have the full ownership of the property and put in full control of the business It is paid for in full with no outstanding bank loans. Since 2006, we have seen at least 8 to 10 Virtual Office Operators close down. We know about them through our own research or through the clients which have switched over to us. The business of Registered Address is a simple one, but the most important asset is the address. That is why we bought it!

We believe our business should be an enduring entity. We like the feeling of being in control of a situation. We don’t like to worry about tomorrow. These other operators can fold anytime, once their contract expires and the landlord increases their rent, they can choose to fold anytime.

We recalled seeing an operator changing address over and over again. He gives excuses of expansion, being chased out by the landlord, and he bad mouths others of shutting down, look where he is … … moving again.

No Gimmicks, No Nonsense

You are here to start a business, not to play tikum. Business is not about taking chances, its about taking calculated risks to see a better future. If you really want to win something, buy lottery.. its way cheaper and the prizes are far larger.

Besides you think prizes and lucky draws are free? Its a gimmick to attract customers, but it is a budget that you contribute to so someone else can win, why pay more for all these things. Yar we do not have these here. because it will come from your pockets.

However we have good partnership with great industry players who can teach you important business skills for a song, sometimes free.

We are brand brand new… not any more

We are now in two countries, 3 locations. At the time of writing, we are 10 years 4 months old. We built quite a lot of successful companies like:

  1. Smart Virtual Office
  2. Moolahsense – Singapore’s first Debt Based Crowd Funding company
  3. Propsage  – Asia’s first Real Estate Solution for Agents / Agencies.

We have a few more projects coming up. If you are interested do connect with us.